Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm upset (예린이가 화가났네요)

예린이가 예서랑 잘 놀다가.. 갑자기
"나 삐졌어!!" 라고 말하면서, 혼자 방안으로 들어갔습니다.
하루 종일 두 아이에게 시달린 상태라
지치기도 해서 바로 따라가지 않았습니다.
Yerin and Yeseo was playing together as usual
but suddenly Yerin said 'I'm upset' and went into the room alone
I was so exhausted after playing with two little kids all day long
so I didn't go up to her right away

그래도 한참동안 아무 소리도 나지 않으니, 슬슬 걱정이 되었습니다.
몰래 방안을 들여다 보았더니,저 구석에서 움직이지도 않고, 가만히 있네요
but was getting worried because she was there alone and it was so quiet
so I peeked into the room and I saw her hiding there

엄마,아빠가 방에 들어오기를 얼마나 기다렸을지 생각하니
웃음이 나왔지만..
잠시 지켜보고, 대화를 시작했습니다.
I couldn't help but imagine how she must've been waiting and thinking that
'are they gonna ask me why I got upset or not?'
it was so cute I had to stop myself from laughing
and I started to talk to her

저도 예상외로 예린이하고 대화가 잘 통해서 깜짝 놀랬습니다.
사실 제가 무슨 말을 해도 못알아 듣고
고집 부릴 줄 알았는데, 예린이도 이제 다 컸네요..
I actually was pretty surprised that we were able to have a decent conversation
I thought she wouldn't understand what I was saying
and just would be stubborn but she surely has grown

자 이제 예서만 키우면.........
육아가 좀 쉬워질 것 같습니다... 한 2년만 더 ?   ㅠㅠ
When Yeseo growns up a little more than now
maybe that's when we passed the hardest phase
when it comes to taking care of toddlers
maybe two more years? T.T


  1. Mr. Park, you are the best appa ever! keep going ^_^

  2. It's such a blessing to see her grow up and understand what u try to tell her. Good girl! love YERIN.