Monday, September 16, 2013

Playing with Yerin, Yeseo (예린,예서와 놀아주기)

예린이는 4살이 되더니 혼자서도 잘 놉니다.
가끔 책도 읽고, 주로 소꼽놀이를 많이 하는데, 특히 인형놀이를 제일 좋아해요
이렇게 인형 돌보는 놀이를  잘하고, 마지막에는 꼭 이불을 덮어주네요 ^^;
Now Yerin's already 4 years old (korean age) and she enjoys playing alone too
such as reading books and playing house but she loves to play with her dolls the most.
when she's done playing with her dolls, she never forgets to cover them with a blanket ^^

최근에는 색연필하고 스케치북을 사줬더니,
하루종일 색칠놀이하느라 며칠동안 편했습니다. ^^
Recently we bought her color pencils and  sketchbooks
and she has been coloring the pictures all day long.
Honestly I could rest for a bit after work so it wasn't so bad ^^

하지만, 보통은 같이 놀아달라고 조릅니다.
어떤 날은 너무 힘들어서 그냥 TV보여줄까 하는 생각도 들지만,
아이를 위해서라도 안보여주려고 노력합니다.
TV는 할아버지댁에 놀러가서 많이 보거든요 ^^;
But usually she wants me to play with her all the time
Sometimes I'm just too exhausted from work so it makes me think that
'maybe I should just let her watch TV then I can rest'
but I just can't do that.
Also she already gets that 'special treat' when she goes over to grandparents' house ^^;

얼마전부터는 병원놀이에 하자고 자꾸 진찰해 달라고 하네요
이 영상 촬영한 날도 한 10번은 왔다갔다 했습니다.
Nowdays she's into playing hospital
you don't see it on the video but she visited my hospital over 10 times that day.

두 딸과 많이 놀아준다고 말해도
보통 7시 조금 지나 퇴근해서, 집에와서 씻고 저녁 먹으면 9시
예린이는 보통 10시~11시정도에 잠이 드니,
많이 놀아줘도 2시간이네요.
Even if I do my best to be there and play with my girls
I get home usually after 7PM and take a shower and have a dinner
then it's already aound 9PM
and Yerin goes to bed at 10~11PM
so it's only about 2hours that I play with her most days.

저 올때까지 예린,예서 엄마가 혼자서 아이 둘을 보면서
밥도 먹이고, 씻기고 하느라 녹초가 되어서
퇴근하고 쉴 틈이 없습니다. ㅠㅠ
Until I come gome after work
my wife does all the work like feeding and bathing them
all the things she does for girls and no doubt, it won't be easy
so I simply can't just rest because I'm tired from work.

아이 둘을 다 재우고, 정리 하면 보통 밤 12시
내일 또 출근해야하니, 하루 일과중에서 부부가 온전히 쉴 수 있는 시간이 없어요
밤시간에 영상 편집하면 잠자기 바쁘죠.
After we put the girls to sleep and clean things for awhile , it's about midnight
and I should sleep for the next day so there's not much time
for us to chill and relax, not to fall asleep
when I get to edit the videos at night,
there's absolutely no time for anything but sleeping

예린이를 더 일찍 재우고 싶어도, 퇴근이 늦으니 어쩔 수가 없네요
어린이집에서 낮잠까지 자고 오니,
아무리 일찍 재우려고 해도 잠을 안잡니다.
I actually want to put Yerin to sleep earlier than now
but can't help it since I can't come home any earlier than now.
also Yerin takes a nap everyday at her kindergarten so she just doesn't listen to us
when we try to put her to sleep early.

몸은 피곤하지만, 그래도 이렇게 하루 하루 커가는 모습을 기록하고,
여러 사람과 함께 기뻐할 수 있어서 행복합니다.
Even though we get exhausted from time to time
but we're happier than ever capturing all the precious moments with our girls
and sharing them with many people from all over the world :)


  1. well done keep it up! we appreciate it..

  2. You have a wonderful family, god bless you, your wife and your daughters :)

  3. Everytime I see a new video on my youtube feed, I get so excited! Thank you to you and your wife for sharing such an amazing family with us. You guys are such an inspiration! I appreciate the effort you put into your videos so thank you for everything!

  4. thank you so much. this video really made my day!!:)

  5. Yerin Appa, you are going an exhausting job, but I'm sure it is totally worth it ;) Spending time with the kids even though you are tired is priceless. They are only young once, so cherish the time :D In the future, when you get old, they would put you in their priorities, same as to what you are doing to them now :D

  6. Thank you very much for sharing :3

  7. Thank you so much for all the videos you take the time to make for everybody to enjoy! The videos of your family really make me feel good inside. God bless you and your family

  8. 바쁘신 와중에도 예린이 예서 영상 올려주셔서 정말 감사드립니다.
    무~척 즐겁게 보고 있습니다 ㅎㅎ
    저에게 정말 큰 즐거움이예요. 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니당 ^^