Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yerin permed her hair for the first time (예린이가 파마했어요)

Korea is so hot nowdays and Yerin's hair was too long for that weather
so we had her hair cut and a minor perm too

한국은 요즘 무척 더워요
날도 덥고 예린이 머리가 너무 길어서, 짧게 잘랐어요.
머리하면서 파마도 하는게 잘 어울릴 것 같아서 약하게 했어요

I wasn't sure about if she could stay still
but she really did grow up and could do that

기다리는 걸 잘 할 수 있을지 걱정햇는데
이제 컸다고 잘 참고 있네요 ^^;

But, as expected, she fell asleep in the middle of it
and took a nap for 30 mins

그런데 역시 중간에 자버려서 30분정도 낮잠 잤어요


How is it?
It's a minor perm so it won't last any longer
so i wanted to take a pic of her but she was so shy about it lol

파마가 잘 어울리나요?
약하게 한거라 금방 풀린다고, 빨리 사진 찍을려고 했는데
부끄럽다고 안찍으려고 하네요 ㅋ


It looks so much cuter in person but the picture doesn't do her justice : (
실제로 보면 훨씬 더 귀여운데 사진으로는 표현이 잘 안되네요 ㅠㅠ

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