Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daddy's Playground (아빠가 만든 놀이터)

이번 겨울 한국은 너무 너무 추웠습니다.
북극 제트기류가 약해져서 추었다나..? ^^
한참 추운 날은 한 낮에도 영하 10도이하 였습니다.
It was very very cold this winter in Korea.
Heard it's because the North Pole jet stream got weaken..? ^^
It was less than -10 degrees in the afternoon during really cold season.

작년 가을 무렵.. 예린이가 걷기 시작 할 때,
엄마하고 근처 놀이터에 나가면, 항상 웃으면서, 즐거워했는데..
추워서 나가지를 못하고 있네요.
Around last fall... When Yerin started walking,
She was always smiling, and happy when she went outside to a nearby playground with her mom...
It's too cold to do that nowadays...

답답해 할 거 같은 예린이를 위해서
제가 임시 방편으로 이렇게 놀아 주고 있습니다..
예상외로 너무 너무 좋아하네요.. 저도 기뻐요~~
예린아 빨리 봄이 왔으면 좋겠구나..
So, for Yerin who might be bored
I created a way to play with her like this
She likes it more than I expected.. I'm also glad~~
Yerin, I want spring to come sonner..

엄청 빨리 기어다니죠?
어렸을때 영상을 보니,
예린이가 어렸을때 부터 기어 다니는건 소질이 있었나봐요^^;;
She crawls really fast, doesn't she?
I checked the old videos when she was younger,
I guess she was talented for crawling from when she was young ^^;;

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