Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple Tree Stduio (사과나무 스튜디오)

We had a photo session for Yerin at Apple Tree Studio.

We had our reservations about getting a one year photo session.
Even after having her first birthday party, we hesitant.
But then we saw other children's photos, and they were so cute that we were having second thoughts.

Apple Tree Studio was recommended to us, so we made a reservation.
Honestly, we were half worried and half excited.

When we finally arrived at the studio, the staff was so friendly and welcomed us.
They led the photo session so professionally.
Yerin and we all had fun.

The photos were beyond our expectations, and we now have a beautiful memory.

If we have a second child, we'll be sure to visit again.

사과나무 파주스튜디오에서 예린이 사진 촬영했습니다.

돌 사진에 대해 약간 부정적인 견해가 있어서
돌 잔치를 치루고 난 후에도 망설였는데요.
다른 아이들 돌 사진을 보니 너무 예뻐서, 계속 마음에 걸렸습니다.

지인의 소개로 일단 예약은 하였지만,
솔직히 걱정 반 기대 반 심정이었습니다.

막상 촬영당일 스튜디오에 갔는데,
너무 친절하게 맞이해 주시고, 촬영도 프로답게 리드해 주셔서,
예린이와 저희도 재미있게 촬영했습니다.

기대이상으로 좋은 사진찍고,
아름다운 추억을 남기게 되었네요.

둘째가 생긴다면, 또 들리겠습니다.


  1. yerin is such a beautiful child. you guys seem like such loving parents ! what does her name mean btw ?

  2. Those are some really lovely pictures!
    Great photographer and model <3 ^^