Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kung Fu Yerin (태권 예린)

It seems Yerin has a talent for the arts and physical education.
She dances whenever there's music, even though no one taught her..
Right now she's even imitating Taekwondo moves ^^;
Will she become a singer or an actress? Or maybe an athlete?

But then again, she really likes to look at books~
It might be because she enjoys looking at all the colorful pictures..
Maybe she'll be a teacher or scholar?

What will Yerin be when she grows up?
She could be an ordinary housewife too, right? ^^;
The thought of watching her grow is exciting.
No matter what Yerin decides to do, we will work hard to help.~

예린이는 예체능에 소질이 있나봐요..
누가 가르쳐 준 적도 없는데, 음악만 나오면 춤을 추고..
지금처럼 태권도같은 동작도 따라하구요 ^^;
가수나 배우? 아니면 운동선수가 되려나요?

그런데, 또 책보는 것도 엄청 좋아해요~
책에 있는 알록달록한 그림 보는게 재미있어서 그런 거 같기도 한데..
선생님이나 학자가 되려나요?

예린이는 커서 무엇이 될까요? 평범한 주부가 될 수도 있겠죠? ^^;
앞으로 자라는 모습을 지켜볼 생각을 하니 흥분 되네요..
예린이가 무엇을 하든지, 열심히 도와주렵니다.~


  1. Yeah, Yerin seems to like music and pictures and the artsy side of things a lot. It's so cute. Such a bright flowery kid ^^.

  2. This post is so sweet and heart-warming!
    Watching Yerin grow makes me want to raise my own child too :)
    Hope Yerin's talent will shine brighter each day! :)