Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HomeShank Redemption (빠삐용~ 예린)

We have a protective fence installed in our home.
It's next to the kitchen so Yerin can't enter the dangerous areas.

But a little while ago, Yerin got on the other side of the fence without me or her mom seeing.
We didn't know how she got over there, but she was playing there calmly.

After watching her for a little bit, we finally understand how she did it.
Now we lowered the fence a little so she can't go past it anymore.
But we're worried she will figure out another way to get through.
We're keeping an eye out for other ways. ^^

After lowering the fence, she tried to get under it again and made a really funny face.
Come to think of it, why didn't I think to record that scene? ^^;

예린이 집에는 보호용 울타리가 설치되어 있습니다.
위험한 부엌과 현관으로 건너가지 못하게 거실과 부엌사이에 있지요.

그런데, 얼마전 저하고 예린이 엄마가 보지 못한 사이에
예린이가 울타리를 넘어서 건너편에 있는 것이었습니다.
어떻게 넘어 갔는지 알 수는 없지만, 태연하게 그곳에서 놀고 있더군요.

약간 시간이 지난 후 몰래 지켜보던 중, 마침내 그 방법을 알아 냈습니다.
지금은 울타리를 약간, 낮춰서, 더이상 넘어가지는 못합니다.
하지만, 예린이가 어떤 방법으로 또 넘어갈지 불안합니다.
새로운 방법을 찾아봐야 겠어요.^^

울타리를 낮춘 후에 예린이가 평상시 넘어가듯이
밑으로 얼굴을 들이 밀던 모습이 어찌나 웃기던지..
생각해보니 왜 그 장면을 찍을 생각을 못했을까요? ^^;


  1. Yerin is amazing! One day she will rule the world!!

  2. ah.. very smart!!! i just wanna hug this little angel <3

  3. hi from Turkey, she's so cute and adorable, i want to hug and bite her:)
    god bless your daughter and your family:)
    I wrote a post about little Yerin in my blog, she will be more popular in Turkey :)

  4. hi i'm from the Philippines watching her makes me happy and i see my baby sister in her hahaha ^^ hope she'll always be a cheerful baby and she's very lucky to have such good parents ^^

  5. kkkkk she's so cute really :3 believe that it's not too long. she will get across the fences easily. ^^~

  6. beautiful cute angel!

  7. Beautiful and smart little girl.
    Also, nice parents!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mary L