Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday 첫번째 생일 축하해~ 예린아

When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, we had jitters…
It seemed like just yesterday she was still in the womb, but it has already been one year since Yerin was born.

In the delivery room when she was born, she didn’t cry which made us worry
(We stayed in the hospital for a week for tests just in case, but everything was fine. ^^)

I still remember being in awe of the tiny, cooing baby…
Then the joy we felt at seeing Yerin roll over, then starting to crawl…

She moved onto solid foods from breast milk,
And now she walks everywhere all by herself.

It felt like Yerin would always stay a newborn baby
But now we’re already celebrating her first birthday.

Looking back on our year, I learned that raising a child is not an easy task.
Before she was born, we imagined what kind of person she would be and worried over how we’d raise her.
But now, we’re thankful that she is growing up healthy and hope she continues to do so.

We’re joyful that she is healthy and happy and we want to celebrate. Is this why they call it a one year celebration?

Yerin, please grow up healthy~

첫 아이 임신 소식을 듣고, 싱숭생숭했던 우리..
배속에 있을때가 엊그제 같은데, 예린이가 태어난 지도 벌써 일년입니다.

분만실에서 태어날 때부터, 잘 울지 않아서 걱정시키고
(혹시나 해서 일주일동안 입원해서 검사해봤는데, 이상없었습니다. ^^)

옹알옹알 거리는 모습이 정말 작고 신기했는데..
어느새 뒤집는 모습에 기뻐하고, 기어다니기 시작한 예린이..

모유만 먹다가 이유식을 먹더니
지금은 혼자서 걷어 다니고 있습니다.

항상 갓난 아이일 것만 같았던 예린이가
드디어 첫번째 생일을 맞이했습니다.

지난 일년을 돌아보면, 아이를 키우는게 쉬운 일이 아니라는 것을 절감했습니다.
태어나기전에는 어떤 사람이 될까 상상해보고, 어떻게 키울까 고민도 많이 했습니다.
하지만, 지금처럼 아프지 말고, 건강하게 자라 주는 것만으로도 감사하고 있습니다.

무사히 태어나서, 일년동안 건강하게 자라주니
너무 기쁜 마음에 잔치라도 벌이고 싶습니다.
그래서, 돌잔치라고 하나요? ^^

예린아 건강하게 잘 크거라~


  1. Hello there
    we are a Saudi family
    and we are enjoying yerin videos
    she's so so so cute
    may god protect her
    and I hope u a happy life <3<3
    by the way , , my bro faisal likes yerina so much i think he fall in love with her loooool
    I hope I have a cute baby like yerina , so plz pray for me ^_^
    bye bye <3<3

  2. O god I forgot
    happy borth day for yerina <3<3

  3. I have watched this video more than three times! Your beautiful daughter is VERY addictive. Happy birthday, sweet Yerin. :)

  4. How could I have missed this video???