Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shopping Expert (장보기의 달인)

예린이랑 장보러 왔어요..
꼭 자기가 장바구니를 들겠다고 하네요^^;

저는 커피를 사려고 했는데..
예린이가 어떻게 알았는지.. 커피 진열대를 유심히 보고 있네요..
너무 비싸다고 안사려나..^^;

은근 슬쩍 자기가 먹고 싶은 걸 집어 넣는 예린이..
예린아 사탕은 안돼..
조그만 걸로 하나 사줄께..

Dad: Yerin, give it (the shopping basket) to daddy.
Yerin: Aigoo, I will have it.
Dad: (laugh) Yerin, give it to me.
Yerin: (repeats) give it to me.
Dad: let daddy hold it, it's heavy.
Yerin: I will have it. (back away)
Dad: really? Yerin, what is that?
Yerin: uh? This? (put her hand into the candy box)
Dad: why do you sneakily put that in the basket?
Yerin: (ignores. Put another bag of candy in the basket)
Dad: Yerin, you already put one. What is this? Hmm. Neyyyyy.

Thank you @JaeRyeong Sul


  1. Translation please!

  2. ㄴ Dad : let me carry the bag.
    Yerin : No, let me carry the bag.
    Dad : would you give it to me?
    Yerin : I can handle it..
    Dad : R u sure?
    oh, Yerin what is that?
    Yerin : (uh)
    Dad : U r sneaking something. what's that?
    U ve picked one of it. What is this?

  3. Yerin loves calcium in milk......,,,,kkkk

  4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ은근쓸쩍 넣고 있어ㅋㅋㅋ귀엽다.
    바로 뭐라고 안하시고 "이게 뭐지?" 하고 물어봐 주시는게 너무 좋네요!

  5. Aigoo~ Kyeopta..
    Saranghaeyo Yerin..

    1. WTF you said that stupid thing is cute?!

    2. Why are you here then? If you really think it is stupid shouldn't you go somewhere else which meets up to your standard of smart? You know what you are? You're a hypocrite. You widely say you dislike Yerin but still indulges into information about her. You know what you are too? You are insensitive. A person who has no idea on self respect to people and yourself. Loser.