Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Commemorative Photograph for First Birthday

In Korea, when a baby celebrates his or her first birthday,
commemorative photos are taken.
Not all parents do this.
We hesitated as well but last week, we did a studio photo shoot.
Want to take a look?

한국에서는 아이가 태어난지 첫번재 생일이 되면, 기념사진을 찍어 줍니다.
모든 부모가 다 찍어 주는 건 아니지만,
저도 고민하다가 지난 주에 스튜디오에서 촬영했습니다.
한번 보실까요?

U05557-008 U05557-036 U05557-116 U05557-120
We shot these photos at Apple Tree Studio in Paju.
They did a great job so we’re very happy.

사과나무 스튜디오 파주점에서 촬영했는데요.
너무 잘 찍어주셔서 기쁩니다.


  1. What a perfect and beautiful girl. You are such blessed parents. Here's to one year and best wishes for all the rest!

  2. beautiful a flower..and sun..give people smile when see you white face

  3. She is so adorable! You two should be proud. :)

  4. so cute !, what is the song name ?

  5. she is the most beautiful and make me have the lovely moment when see she smile with beautiful to see her videos every day..

  6. happy belated birthday to the little one...

    She is such an adorable baby girls that make my days, I love her smile so much. Both of u (the parents) are blessed parents and so does the little Yerin are blessed child too coz she is having an awesome parents.

    Wishing her healthy and happy everday!!!