Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yerin is walking (예린이가 걸어요)

Yerin has finally started walking.
She stood on her own at the end of August...and started walking 20 days later ^^;

Kids grow up so fast.
A week ago she stood up by herself, and she looked so cute barely taking one step.
I was thinking "Ah! This weekend I have to record this..",
but by the time the weekend came, she was already walking around... >_<

Now she's walking pretty well.
She's excited to walk, but it's getting harder to see her. ㅠㅠ
Just grow up healthy, okay~

In Korea, usually girls start walking before 1 year old, and boys a little later..
I wonder if it's the same for foreign babies.

예린이가 드디어 걷기 시작했어요.
혼자서 일어 서려고 한게 8월 말.. 20일정도 지나니까 걷네요 ^^;

아이들은 정말 빨리 자라는 것 같아요.
일주일 전에는 예린이가  혼자 일어서서 간신히 걷는 모습이, 너무 귀여워서..
"아! 주말에 이 모습을 찍어야지.." 라고 생각했는데,
막상 주말되니, 성큼성큼 걸어 가버리네요... >_<

지금은 제법 능숙하게 걸어 다녀요..
걸어다녀서 기쁘기는 한데, 예린이 돌보는 건 더욱 힘들어 졌습니다. ㅠㅠ
건강하게만 자라다오~

한국에서 여자아이는 보통 돌전에 걷기 시작하고, 남자아이는 조금 늦는데..
외국 아이들도 똑같은지 궁금하네요.


  1. so cute! 예린이 잘생겼어요~

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  3. 아이구~귀엽네요.예린이가 잘 걸었어요!^^

  4. Yeah, she's like my little mermaid =)

  5. Erin birth day is coming :D Yerin now you can walk, maybe by your birthday you can run around the house?? :D

  6. Aww she is so cute! Here in Germany baby boys and baby girls start walking between 9-12 months :) Sometimes they even don't crawl they start to walk right away :)

  7. Very happy!
    One of the most beautiful stage is when the babies start walking!
    Congratulations, your daughter is very very very cute!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  8. Yerin is a very cute baby...very happy to know she is walking alredy...In India it is said that girls walk even before the boys do. :) well waiting for Yerin's birthday...God bless are lucky parents to have a lovely and adorable daughter..God bless you both..:)

  9. My daughter is 6 months old and she's currently learning how to sit. She is sending geetings to Yerin :))))

  10. 예쁜아이 선발대회에 나가보세요.

  11. I love Yerin! My brothers love Yerin and you are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter! (Also I think it's kinda funny when Yerin sticks up her leg at the end.) :3 Greetings from Japan!

  12. She is the gift from God. Her parents must have been blessed with a popular child.