Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shimmering eyes~

초롱초롱한 눈망울~


  1. Yerin's like a little angel!
    Thanks for sharing beautiful and cute Yerin's photos and videos with us! :)

  2. Dear mother and father of this beautiful happy girl! :-)

    I - and my husband and his daughter - so enjoy to watch her on YouTube and on this blog! Thank you for sharing it with us and the world. You are all in our prayers! <3
    Are you thinking about having another child or will Yerin be your one and only treasure? :-)
    After seeing Yerin it has made me less sad to think about that my husband only wants one child with me... I see now how much love you can give one child and that it doesn't have to be sad to only have one.

    Much love from Denmark! :-)

  3. She is precious!

    1. She is such a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing her videos. May she be happy always!